Getting Over Grief

My precious irreplaceable son is gone from this world and even though I comfort myself with the belief of an afterlife, I can’t help but constantly miss him.

Once a bereaved parent, always a bereaved parent.

As a mother there will never be a day when I stop loving or thinking about my son.

Three years, five years, 10 years, 20 years……….

There is no getting over it!

I have grown to accept it.

I carry it carefully and lovingly wherever I go.

I go shopping, cook, clean the house, dig the garden, go to work, smile and laugh and keep it close to my heart.

I have strategies to contain it even though it sometimes leaks out of my eyes without warning.

I give myself permission to cry in the shower, the garden, the kitchen, the car……his bedroom!

I wear my mask everywhere else so I can fit into the world, not to protect me but to protect everyone else.

Child loss is permanent.

There is no getting over it!

My life is different now, but grief doesn’t define me, and I am not a victim.

Grief has cultivated a deeper strength and meaning to my life and there are positives. I look for the gift in everything and I am grateful to have found an inner peace. I still see the beauty in everything around me and I feel more connected to my soul and my purpose. I do have moments of joy and I’m starting to laugh a lot more these days, but that doesn’t mean I am over it.

There is no getting over it!

“Life is – laughter and tears, delight and defeat, joy and sorrow.”