28th October 2019

Grief is a lonely journey for the griever no matter how much support is offered. It’s a unique experience and nobody can fully comprehend the internal pain and suffering each person goes through. I have learned a lot along the way and I now have a passion to help others going through a similar journey….

1st September 2019

Many of us have been to the funeral of an elderly or distant relative or maybe the funeral of a colleague or old friend. We have been touched by the sadness felt by their loved ones left behind, but we cannot truly comprehend the brutality of grief until it’s our turn to sit on the…

8th August 2019

My precious irreplaceable son is gone from this world and even though I comfort myself with the belief of an afterlife, I can’t help but constantly miss him. Once a bereaved parent, always a bereaved parent. As a mother there will never be a day when I stop loving or thinking about my son. Three…

1st July 2019

I have been journaling on and off for a few years and I find it very helpful, in fact, that is how my book ‘Letters to Matthew’ evolved. Journaling is a type of writing which invites you to document your thoughts and feelings into a personal book. Unlike a diary where you keep a note…