Welcome to my Website.

I developed this website to support my book ‘Letters to Matthew’ but also to create a place to reach out to others who are going through a similar journey. This is a safe space where you will find compassion, empathy and kinship. You will hopefully be inspired by my uplifting blogs and find inspiration from the resources page.

If you have been recently bereaved or feel stuck in grief, I am very sorry for your loss, but I do hope you find love and support from these pages. When you learn to make peace with your pain and sorrow you are more able to connect to the good memories you have of your loved ones. These good memories are the gifts they have left behind for you to keep. This enables you to continue to have a healthy connection with them which over time, can blossom into something beautiful.

Being able to celebrate my book is bittersweet for me because it came about after the death of my son Matthew. My hope is that it guides other people who are walking a similar path to seek out their own personal journey of self-discovery.

Grief can be incredibly lonely. I hope you find some comfort here. You are not alone.

Love and hugs
Louise Bates

“This book is incredible - honest, poignant and open, and it’s going to help so many people”.

Victoria Derbyshire, BBC Journalist, Television / Radio Presenter and Author

“Everyone has a story to tell but not many people could share their experience of grief in the way Louise has shared hers. A heart breaking read with an uplifting, spiritual undertone. Inspirational!”

Nick Cooke, Therapist, Writer and Trainer. Creator of the Mindfulness Now Teacher Training Programme

“Louise's book has the potential to inspire people who feel stuck in grief. By using various tools including EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, Louise has been able to courageously move through the grieving process in a very different way. A truly inspiring read!”

Karl Dawson, Hay House Author, Training Director EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Academy